J.Roc Design

Oblique Figures Apartment / J.Roc Design

Curated by Paula Pintos
Architects : J.Roc Design
Area : 1800 ft²
Year : 2020
Photographs : James Leng
Manufacturers : Tectum, VARIO, Waterworks, Duraamen, Duravit
Design : Jeremy Jih
Engineering : Andy Harris Structural Engineering
City : Boston
Country : United States

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© James Leng

Textual content description supplied by the architects. Indirect Figures inherits an empty cubic house and inserts a stair as a fulcrum, pivoting new spatial and perceptual relationships round a central, curving determine. Connecting three scales and orientations of house, the stair differentiates and domesticates its context by remodeling in perspective — showing as a domestically scaled slim determine of single radius from the kitchen, a publically scaled grand stair from the doorway axis, and a perspectivally exaggerated receding determine from the eating.

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© James Leng

The present house is fenestrated solely on one aspect, problematizing entry to each mild and privateness, and establishing a harsh dichotomy between shiny public areas and windowless non-public areas. By reorienting the dice round a central rotation, notions of entrance and rear are made ambiguous, permitting for a always curving gaze to supersede the rectilinearity of its context whereas bridging between publically scaled double-height residing areas, privately scaled single top sleeping quarters, and a roof backyard.

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© James Leng

To deal with lighting wants whereas offering privateness, the main bedroom is pivoted off the stair at an angle and enclosed in electrochromic glass, remodeling from clear to opaque at will. This angle produces a gradient of scaled areas, permitting every direct entry to mild whereas respecting allowable inside sq. footage.

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© James Leng

A keystone in each idea and sequence, the stair was fabricated offsite in two items and corkscrewed in by means of a skylight.