TJAD Original Design Studio

Renovation of No.1 Sinopec Gas Station / TJAD Original Design Studio

Curated by 韩双羽 – HAN Shuangyu
Architects : TJAD Original Design Studio
Area : 223 m²
Year : 2020
Photographs : ZY Architectural Photography
Lead Architects : Ming Zhang, Zi Zhang
Project Architects : Xunan Wang, Chun Ding
Design Team : Linqi Zhang, Xiang Wang, Luwei Guo, Hao Liu (Intern)
Structure Engineer : Jun Nan, Zheng Zhang, Lujie Chen, Lin Jiang
Facility Engineer : Department No.1 TJAD
Client : Sinopec Shanghai Branch
City : Shanghai
Country : China

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© ZY Architectural Photography

Textual content description offered by the architects. No. 1 Sinopec Gasoline Station is positioned within the higher riverside alongside the Suzhou River, close to its junction to Huangpu River. It was previously China’s first state-owned fuel station in-built 1948. The unique building is used as grocery store and workplace with a metal structure that works as a cover. The structure itself lacks publicity and transparency. Moreover, there’s a lack of correct diversion between motor autos that wish to refuel and the general public. Moreover, the wonderful river panorama can’t be absorbed by the grocery store and the fuel station. Cultural sources are wasted. Subsequently, the main target of our design is find out how to make a breakthrough of fuel station kind and type an infrastructure that’s publicly clear, appropriate for circulation, complicated in operate, and match for modern context.

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© ZY Architectural Photography

The design of the fuel station begins from combing the riverside panorama, disassembling the combined circulation into two visitors strains: pedestrians bypassing the fuel station from the north facet close to the river, and autos coming into and exiting from the south facet. Thus, the general public facet modifications from the unique south facet to each the north and south sides, which inserts public sphere of the town and riverside. It eliminates to the best extent the barrier the fuel station causes to the riverside panorama.

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© ZY Architectural Photography

The fuel station is split into two volumes, one digital and one actual. The digital one is the refueling scaffold and the true one is the station building. Completely different from the earlier heterogeneous blocks, we hope that the 2 volumes are extra united, forming the form of the building collectively. As a result of purposeful necessities of refueling, the scaffolding of the fuel station has a sure span requirement. Contemplating that the folded plate type has the impact of accelerating the span and has the traits of integration of structural rationality and visible traits, the building is conceived as a set of excessive and low folded panels that turns over from the bottom. The excessive a part of folded panels accommodates the features of the two-story station building with a grocery store on the floor stage and a café on the first stage. The marginally decrease a part of the folded panels covers the refueling space.

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© ZY Architectural Photography

The panels are inserted into the bottom at one finish and supported by a row of skinny pillars on the different, which additional highlights the morphological traits of the folded plates. The panels was conceived as metal structure within the early stage of the design. Nonetheless, contemplating the danger of rust attributable to the direct touchdown of the metal structure, the fabric is modified to fair-faced concrete, altering the panel right into a mixed structure of metal and concrete folded board. The quantity of the 2 units of folded boards modifications at completely different heights. Whereas making certain the continuity of the shape, the metal half is anchored on the concrete folded board by uncovered hinges, which reinforces the readability of the structure. The connection of the column and the folded panel additionally conforms to the way in which of the hinge level. On the one hand, the column is principally subjected to axial drive, which reduces the diameter of the column. Then again, the form of the folded panel is extra pure. The metal half reveals a light-weight and concise state, whereas the floor-to-ceiling concrete folded panel reveals an beautiful and highly effective area expertise.

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© ZY Architectural Photography

The fuel station is called “Suhe Zhe”. It means the mixing of structure and building type, which makes the folded panels a very powerful function of the building. Primarily based on structural rationality, it combines a sure echo of the folded wall of the outdated building, the creativeness of waves, and a sort of exquisiteness like a folding fan. The purity of the structure and the paradox of which means endow the building with a up to date period. In a spot filled with historic reminiscence, this contemporaryity is undoubtedly probably the most cheap annotation of “cultural fuel station”.