How to bend wood / Different Method Used

bend wood

How to bend wood – Different Techniques Used

How typically have you ever gazed in surprise on the lovely intricate shapes of picket architecture, marvelling on the sheer creativity of the workman? Such extraordinary shapes and designs could be made solely with the help of bended items of wooden. So how can this bending be executed? There are numerous strategies that may be adopted a few of which have been since time immemorial, for e.g. proper from the center ages.

Steam bending 

Steam bending is one such method practiced by folks down the ages. A have a look at the processes concerned on this technique:

To begin with you will want a number of articles like a field wherein the wooden to be bent must be placed, some water in a container, a hose or a pipe to let within the steam and a few screws and clamps, to not neglect a supply to provide heat. The method begins by clamping down the picket piece right into a mould and inserting it within the box. One end of the hose must be inserted within the field whereas the opposite finish lies within the water container. As soon as you warmth the water the hose will transfer the steam into the steam box. One main benefit with this technique is that the wood retains the lengthy grain sample with no obvious glue marks. Wastage of material is minimal right here. That is most fitted for straight grain lumber. This technique could be fairly time consuming though, with a 1/4th inch lumber piece taking around 20 min to 2 or more hours for a piece of roughly 2 inches.

Kerf Bending: 

Right here a Kerf or reduce is made into the within edge of the piece with the help of a chop saw. Then these saw cuts are stuffed and the bending is finished in order that these cuts shut. Whereas making the cuts, watch out to not reduce greater than 2/3rds in thickness for something greater than that can trigger the wooden to interrupt whereas being bent. This technique was broadly used within the building of Victorian homes which sported rounded corners each on the interior in addition to exterior sides.

Microwave Bending: 

One of many extra fashionable approaches to wood bending is the microwave technique. It may be likened to steam bending however is quicker. This technique is utilized primarily to melt the wooden and for molding it. It may also be used for partial heating of the fabric. On this course of, the wooden is positioned in a moist paper towel and microwaved. The time is mounted in response to the thickness of the wood. Smartest thing can be to provide it a 20 second heating to check the pliability of the piece after which experiment additional.

Laminated Wood Bending: 

On this technique, skinny layers of wood are chosen as a result of they bend simpler. The skinny strips are positioned in a mould and laminated along with the assistance of glue and clamped down firmly. Thin strips could be purchased or could be sawed out of thicker items. Superb thickness of every piece can be about 1/ 8″. Normally the completed piece shall be longer than wanted wherein case you will should trim the perimeters

Some of the lesser used strategies are chemical and alkali softening, compression bending, cold bending etc.

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