Horizon House / Bauen

Curated by Clara Ott
Architects : Bauen
Area : 345 m²
Photographs : Daniel Ojeda, Darío Mereles
Manufacturers : AutoDesk, Deca, Eurocable, Protek, Saccaro, Samsung, Trimble, Vidriocar
Lead Architect : Aldo Cristaldo Kegler. Dario Mereles
Other Participants : Fátima Estigarribia, Iris Dierickx
Structure Calculations : Enrique Granada
City : San Bernardino
Country : Paraguay

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© Daniel Ojeda

Textual content description supplied by the architects. Town of San Bernardino is understood for its rugged topography in most elements of its territory. We place ourselves in a land with privileged views. Taking in thoughts the particularities of the location, we determined to focus our aims on enhancing probably the most fascinating facet of it: THE HORIZON.

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© Daniel Ojeda

Via two horizontal parallel plates of concrete, joined collectively by Four columns in a single stage, a strict grid of 9 modules of 4.33mts is generated (a tic tac toe (1)). A sq. of 13x13mts is established, the place the one unalterable module it’s the one place within the middle; which is the module the place the hearth resides, the assembly house across the meals, “the kitchen”. All the opposite modules are modifiable, the place by the use of sliding planes, the areas might be assembled, disassembled, and reassembled as required. These areas might be 2, 3, or 5, the studio can change into the lounge and vice versa, all subordinated to the wants of the second.

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© Daniel Ojeda

This formation, structured and modulated, is wrapped in vertical planes that permit an area that may be dressed and undressed; a home that shelters, opening and shutting in the direction of the surface. A reconceptualization of the 360° gallery, the endearing “jeré” hall (1), typical of the Paraguayan tradition, a passage that defines the interior-exterior connection by the dimness and intermediate areas. This composition is topped off with a inexperienced protection that, moreover reinforcing the thermal isolation, generates a brand new house that acts as a lookout, exploiting a lot of the impotent views that the location provides.

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© Daniel Ojeda

The intention is to intervene within the land the least as attainable. The home, made nearly totally of concrete, floats over the bottom. The downhill topography of the land goes diagonally so it’s drugged in a nook the place the home is buried, whereas the pool is laid within the different nook. This semi-burial of the home permits the attitude of the passerby that walks on the road to be revered, a visible continuity. The view is democratized, it belongs to nobody however everybody; we don’t applicable of it, we simply admire it collectively.

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© Daniel Ojeda

(1) Paper-and-pencil recreation for 2 gamers, X and O, who take turns marking the areas in a 3×Three grid. The participant who succeeds in inserting three of their marks in a diagonal, horizontal, or vertical row is the winner.

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© Daniel Ojeda

(2) From the Guarani idiom “jeré”: which implies surroundings, spherical, round. A peripheral gallery that surrounds the homes, typical of the colonial period.