Petr Tej + Marek Blank + Jan Mourek

Footbridge in Příbor / Petr Tej + Marek Blank + Jan Mourek

Curated by Paula Pintos
Architects : Jan Mourek, Marek Blank, Petr Tej
Area : 90 m²
Year : 2018
Photographs : BoysPlayNice
Lead Architects : Petr Tej, Marek Blank, Jan Mourek
Supervision : Klokner Institute CTU in Prague Jiří Kolísko
City : Příbor
Country : Czech Republic

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Textual content description supplied by the architects. A bridge as a stone laid over the water, a lapidary bridge, a bridge as a sculpture, a bridge fabricated from noble supplies.

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The bridge is designed as a minimalist object fabricated from excellent materials. An important is the sculptural high quality of the bridge. The easy geometric type and the elimination of the whole lot insignificant enable the customer to intensely understand the essential content material of this archetype. The type of the bridge is lapidary, a bridge like a stone laid over water is the oldest type of bridge. The floor of the bridge is noble the structure is designed from shiny clean concrete. The railing is fabricated from spherical stainless-steel bars, the deal with is wood, strong, large, painted with ship varnish. The lighting of the bridge utilizing lights within the handrail.

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The footbridge over the Lubina River in Příbor, Moravia, is a singular segmental development, the primary of its type within the Czech Republic. The footbridge is designed as a easy beam with a span of 35 meters, which is created by the closure of 5 double-chamber segments of seven.2 m in size, 2.5 m in width, and 0.eight m in peak. From a static perspective, the structure has a singular slender ratio of 1:44.

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The structural materials used was UHPFRC class C110 / 130 with dispersed metal fibers, which was developed on the Klokner Institute of the Czech Technical College in Prague. The ultra-high efficiency fiber strengthened concrete (UHPFRC) is a brand new high-performance cement composite materials. Its mechanical properties (compressive power 120-180 MPa, bending tensile power approx. 20-40 MPa) and workability enable us to design new constructions of particular parameters and shapes. On the similar time, the service life far exceeds comparable constructions of typical concrete. Due to its distinctive sturdiness, the floor of the structure might be walked on with out extra waterproofing and protecting surfaces. The footbridge quantity is lightened by twenty massive polystyrene blocks.

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The segments are longitudinally clamped by prestressing cables guided within the longitudinal ribs of the interior grate. Prestressing is, unconventionally for segmented constructions, solved by raised cables of parabolic course. A singular safety system of prestressing ropes is designed on the footbridge. The bridge is supported on helps by way of pairs of 200 mm cylindrical curler bearings.